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Canadian companies scaling for success in Ireland

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Members of the Ireland Canadian Business Association (ICBA) will be in attendance with His Excellency Kevin Michael Vickers, Canadian Ambassador to Ireland, at a tailored event about scaling for success in Ireland. Expert speakers from Philip Lee, Voxpro, DNM Group and Hudson Bay Company will discuss tangible solutions for expansion and share their experience working with FDI companies.

Speaking about the event, Corporate Partner at Philip Lee, Eoghan Doyle, said ‘A sure sign of the increasing growth potential of trade between both countries is the welcome announcement from the IDA to open an office in Canada in 2018.’ He continued ‘Since 2016, Philip Lee has been the only Irish law firm with a Canada Desk. We saw the potential opportunities that the signing of CETA would bring to Ireland. In addition to the benefits of CETA and the existing double-taxation treaty between the two countries, post-Brexit Ireland has become even more attractive to Canadian companies. At a minimum, it allows them to create a parallel EU structure to ensure continued access to the market.’

Commenting on the landscape, Chris Collenette, Consultant with Philip Lee and ICBA Board member said ‘In 2017 we experienced a 50% increase in membership at the ICBA and an influx of Canadian-Irish deals. This interest is a direct result of the Trudeau governments hard work in getting CETA approved. Other factors include the Trump administration’s decision to renegotiate NAFTA, and ongoing uncertainties that Canadian companies feel about using the UK as a European base post-Brexit. Of course, there also seems to be a budding bromance between Prime Minister Trudeau and Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, which has helped increase the profile of both countries. He concluded ‘2018 will be an exciting year for trade between our countries.’

The Business Briefing will be hosted at the impressive Dublin office of Voxpro, located at the Point Village on Thursday 18 January 2018.


Chris Collenette


Eoghan Doyle