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Malta, the country with the 32nd highest global GDP per capita, recently achieved what all other international financial and economic powerhouses have either failed or been reluctant to do: it passed a bill introducing a set of rules which formalise the regulation of Initial Coin Offerings (“ICOs”) and cryptocurrency exchanges.  Whilst the Virtual Financial Assets […]

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We are delighted to announce Partner Andrew Tzialli will be hosting a workshop on Raising Finance as a Cryptocurrency or Blockchain Business in Talent Garden on September 18th at 9.30am. Andrew Tzialli will explore some of the unique challenges faced by cryptocurrency and blockchain business when raising finance via an ICO or Tokenised Security Offering, […]

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In as little as 12 months, Bitcoin has gone from a little known alternative form of e-money to the next “must have asset”. However, some prominent investors are now saying it was a fad whose bubble has burst before it even got going. In my opinion, the reality could not be more different, with cryptocurrency […]

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