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Crowdfunding seminar raises lots of interest

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Topical Crowdfunding and an engaged audience equals a good morning’s seminar!

Today, we hosted a Breakfast Seminar where the audience and speakers took part in lively discussions on the hot topic of Crowdfunding.

Peter O’ Mahony from Linked Finance, Giuseppe Insalaco from the Central Bank and Joe Dehner, a leading expert from the US spoke about the practical ways to raise finance using crowdfunding, mindful of the regulatory environment. The presence of the Central Bank this morning was well received as this was the first time the Central Bank has presented on the topic of Crowdfunding.

Gavin McGuire and Eoghan Doyle, both from Philip Lee offered insights into what legal and taxation aspects need to be considered. For more details contact Eoghan Doyle

Crowdfunding October 2014 - Copy

Pictured above: Peter O’Mahony, Linked Finance; Giuseppe Insalaco, the Central Bank; Eoghan Doyle, Philip Lee; Joe Dehner, Frost Brown Todd Cincinnati and Gavin McGuire, Philip Lee.


Eoghan Doyle