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Delays on Employment Permit Decisions

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Employment Permits Section of the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation is currently experiencing a backlog of employment permit applications and has apologised to customers experiencing difficulties as a result of the delays.

The current processing times for standard Employment Permit applications is over thirteen weeks, up from the typical six to eight weeks, while Trusted Partner Initiative employment permit applications are currently taking over six weeks, as opposed to the usual three to four weeks.

As a result of these delays, travel plans and start dates for new positions may experience knock-on delays of several weeks. Employers should therefore take this into account when bringing in non-EEA staff and plan ahead by submitting applications early to avoid unnecessary delays.

The Department has acknowledged the difficulties that customers are encountering and hopes to resolve the problem by reducing the waiting times as soon as practicable.

To keep abreast of reductions in the delay, we advise employers and permit applicants to regularly check the current processing times set out at the Department’s website here.

If you would like support or advice regarding international staffing plans and intended employment permit applications, please contact senior associate, Maria Gallagher.