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Philip Lee pleased to contribute to Legal Cross Border’s new Merger Control Service

Monday, July 15, 2019

Philip Lee is pleased to be a contributor to the new Merger Control Service, launched by legal-tech company, Legal Cross Border. Our partner Ronan Dunne, head of our EU, Competition and State Aid group, provided the relevant information for the Irish market.

Merger Control provides an intuitive Merger Screening tool that allows legal professionals to automatically screen if and where merger control filings are needed. The service allows users to generate automatic results for their screening projects, while providing free-to-access information on the outcome of the screening.

The Knowledge Base compiles local information about each jurisdiction’s merger control regime, merger screening and merger filing procedures, timelines, checklists, and other practicalities.

While the screening process in 20 countries takes about 15 hours of associate time, this process is reduced to 30 minutes using Merger Control. Merger Screening is a fast and reliable option for legal professionals involved in antitrust and competition matters that aims to increase their efficiency by automating the screening process.

For further details on this new legal information platform, visit the Legal Cross Border website.


Ronan Dunne