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Public and Regulatory

Sector specific regulation grows increasingly complex. Clients need lawyers that understand the industry, the technical language involved and have the ability to answer complex issues without the cost of extensive research and investigation. That is why our skills are so valued.

quotes Philip Lee has provided such a breadth of service to a very high level, with a range of specialists that we can call upon as required Legal 500

Today more than ever, the success of many businesses is influenced by the application of sector specific regulations. What were once considered niche skills in the area of energy, telecommunications, postal services, planning, data protection, competition law, state aid, health, food law, and waste, now combine into a portfolio of skills. It is this portfolio that is now proving invaluable to those companies affected by these sector specific regulations and by the regulatory bodies and public bodies which oversee these sectors.

Many, if not most of these sectors have been influenced by developments at european level. Our strong Brussels presence and our long association with developments in European law have allowed us to become truly full service in all the sector specific regulations.

Clients require advice from lawyers who know the specific substance of the sector specific regulation, know the regulators and what their modus operandi might be and their objectives. Clients also appreciate lawyers who can hit the ground running and guide them through the specific complexities ensuring compliance and that their competitors are compliant and not playing fast with rules.

The public sector requires lawyers who understand the difficulties of achieving the objectives of regulation in a manner that complies with the legal architecture and fair procedures in which they must operate. Public sector bodies need legal advisors that understand the domestic law in light of a European legal architecture which might often go beyond what the domestic law provides for.

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