Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Life Science Update

Welcome to the latest update from the Philip Lee Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Life Science group.

This update covers a range of topics:

General Regulatory – Ireland

1. Court of Appeal Judgment in Merck Sharp & Dohme
2. Priority Legislation for Summer 2021
3. Updates to the IPHA Code
4. IPHA Agreement Extended

General Regulatory – EU

5. Brexit
6. New Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe
7. Proposed Revision of EU Pharmaceutical Legislation
8. EU4Health Subsidy Programme
9. EU Medical Devices Regulation
10. Health Technology Assessments
11. Unitary Patent System
12. New Clinical Trials Regulation

Global Insights

13. Digital Healthcare after Covid-19
14. Rise in Cyber Attacks in Healthcare
15. Covid-19 and Clinical trials
16. The Pharmaceutical Industry in Europe from a Global Perspective

Competition Law

17. Antitrust Concerns in Case AT. 40394 Aspen
18. European Commission Investigates Disparagement Claims for the First Time
19. Lundbeck case (C-591/16 P)
20. EU and UK plan closer co-operation on antitrust enforcement
21. Commission fines Sigma-Aldrich €7.5m for providing misleading information during Merck takeover investigation

Data Protection

22. European Commission adopts two new sets of Standard Contractual Clauses
23. Commission adopts adequacy decisions for the UK
24. European Data Protection Board adopts final recommendations
25. Data Protection Commission consultation regarding a Child-Oriented Approach to Data Processing


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