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Continuing on from our earlier articles in 2020 and 2021 on the MetroLink project (the “Project”), we have highlighted below some of latest updates published on the Project.

Market consultation for MetroLink PPP Project

As highlighted in our previous articles, the intention is for the Project to be delivered in four main contract packages – a public private partnership (“PPP”) and three design-build contracts (the “D&B Contracts”) (with separate contracts for a series of advance/enabling works).

A market consultation on the proposed PPP contract package was published in April 2022 to consult on the financing arrangements, scope and commercial structure of the proposed PPP contract. A briefing pack and questionnaire were issued to those interested in responding to the market consultation. Responses to the questionnaire were required by mid-June 2022.

Cabinet approves preliminary business case

In compliance with the Public Spending Code (“PSC”), approval by the Government of the preliminary business case for the Project was obtained in July 2022 (Decision Gate 1 – Approval in Principle under the PSC).

This approval allows the Project to proceed to the next stage which will include submission of a railway order application and the commencement of the procurement process for the Project.

In terms of timescales, a newspaper notice was published on 17 September 2022 noting TII’s intention to lodge a railway order application with An Bord Pleanála on or after 30 September 2022. A press release from the Department of Transport suggests that the procurement process will commence next year and depending on the outcome of the planning and procurement processes, “construction of MetroLink is earmarked to commence in 2025 with a view to operation in the early 2030s”.


In terms of the anticipated Project costs, the above-mentioned press release states that “while it is too early to give a precise project cost as it has yet to go through the planning and procurement stages, a central scenario provides an indicative capital delivery of €9.5 billion. This is the midpoint scenario of a credible, but still indicative, capital delivery cost range between €7.16 billion and €12.25 billion.”

The press release notes that approximately 75% of the cost during the construction phase will be paid for by the exchequer and the remaining 25% financed by a PPP.

It is noted that a more exact cost will be known following planning permission and procurement process.

Market consultation for MetroLink D&B Contract packages

A market consultation on the proposed D&B Contract packages was published on 14 September 2022 to consult on the technical, contractual and commercial aspects of the Project. These contract packages comprise of the main civil engineering works required for the Project.

Similar to the market consultation for the PPP contract package, a briefing pack and questionnaire will be issued to those interested in responding to the market consultation and responses to the questionnaire are required by 12 noon on Wednesday 28th September 2022.


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