The Gender Pay Gap Information Act 2021

A significant proportion of Irish employers will be obliged to publish information in 2022 in relation to the gender pay gap in their organisations. On 15 July, head of employment law at Philip Lee, Patrick Walshe, will be hosting a webinar on the Gender Pay Gap Information Act 2021. This seminar is designed to outline the obligations for employers, summarise the legislation and discuss the new regime.

Topics for discussion include:-

  • Employers’ obligations under the Gender Pay Gap Information Act 2021.
  • What is the Gender Pay Gap?
  • Is my organisation obliged to publish in 2022?
  • What do I have to publish?
  • If I am obliged to publish in 2022, what should I be doing now, in advance of the deadline later this year?
  • What sanctions are available if I don’t comply with my obligation to publish?

To register for this webinar, please click here.

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