Key Contacts: Lev Gantly – Partner | Simon O’Neill – Partner | Anna Hickey – Partner

Across all sectors, ESG is now a business critical issue driving corporate strategy and shareholder value. Responsible ESG practices and management of ESG risks are key considerations for corporates, financial institutions, project developers and investors.

As focus shifts towards sustainable investments and strategies, and the regulatory complexity increases, so too does the challenge of communicating such strategies and mitigating the risk of greenwashing.

At Philip Lee, we help businesses face these challenges in two ways. We advise and guide them on their sustainability journeys by helping them implement the measures and transactions that make up their decarbonisation strategies. We also help businesses navigate an evolving legal and regulatory landscape when reporting on the measures, transactions and practices that they implement.

Our cross-sectoral team provides a collaborative approach to help your business stay on top of legislative and regulatory change and to achieve its ESG objectives through socially and environmentally impactful action.

Our team comprises specialists across sustainable finance and regulatory; carbon project development and finance; governance; renewable energy and clean technology; natural resources and waste; data privacy; sustainable construction; corporate /M&A and real estate.

ESG and Sustainability are key considerations across all sectors of industry, business and regulation.

Driving real, impactful climate action…

An ESG framework can help companies manage opportunities and risk around sustainability, social and governance issues.