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quotes A core element of any decision to invest in a new country is a clear and focused understanding of what is involved for the people. Ensuring the people and talent underpinning the investment can travel, live and work in the new destination is essential.

Aoife Gillespie leads our immigration group.  At Philip Lee, we understand that key to any successful enterprise are the people and talent who drive the vision and make it a reality. We also understand that the movement of talent across borders is becoming increasingly complex and subject to ever evolving and unpredictable political and global developments. That is why our immigration group will apply their experience, knowledge and passion to address your immigration needs and compliance obligations in a simple and straight-forward manner.

We offer strategic immigration advice to investors, entrepreneurs, multi-national corporations, SMEs and to high net worth individuals seeking to gain access to Ireland for investment, employment or personal residential purposes. We provide advice in respect of visa and entry requirements, employment/work permits and residency permissions as well as rights to bring family members into the country. We advise clients preparing applications for the STEP (Start Up Entrepreneur Programme) and the IIP (Immigrant Investor Programme) and in their dealings with the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service. We are experts in EU Free Movement Rights and are monitoring the ever-evolving fall-out of Brexit and the impact on the Common Travel Area between Ireland and the UK.

To ensure a seamless delivery of service designed to meet specific needs, our immigration group work hand-in-hand with our employment, corporate and tax groups. We offer our clients the benefit of our international reach through our offices in Dublin, San Francisco and Brussels and through cooperation with our Multilaw partners providing access to a network of 10,000 lawyers in 100 countries.

Offering a holistic end-to-end service, we can effectively support you at every juncture of the journey.

Aoife and her team work closely with our employment and corporate departments, advising on all corporate immigration matters.

Key areas where clients seek our advice:

  • Immigration compliance advice and strategic planning
  • Business and employment related visas and residency permissions
  • Employment/work permit application and compliance supports
  • Entry and residency requirements for investors and entrepreneurs
  • Family reunification supports
  • The free movement of EU Citizens and their family members
  • Citizenship and naturalisation
  • Advisory services regarding immigration relations with the UK including in the context of Brexit, EU law and the Common Travel Area

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